REAP Street Windsor, CT. Saturday, September 13 1–4 PM, Broad Street.

REAP Street is a pop up art fest in downtown Windsor, CT. Saturday, September 13 1–4 PM, Broad Street.
A pop-up is a store, a restaurant, a collection of shops, or an event that all share one common trait: they aren’t around for very long.
They might last for as little as an hour, or as long as several months. But they are, by definition, temporary.

Artist Roster

Sue Banks
JoAnne Bauer

Mike Casey Trio
Andres Chaparro

Cold Groove Percussion
Anne Cubberly
Edmond Chibeau
Shannon Gagne
Susan Hackett
Brigid Kennedy
Equilibrium Dance Theatre
Alexia Lalande
The Latin Divas
Irene Liebler
Steve Lipman Singin' Dentist

Masque Theater
Matica Arts
Terese Newman
Darryl Oates
Dennis Peabody
Lon Pelton
Wendy Shanahan
Balam Soto
Katherine Pelkey-Tolve
Nightwing Whitehead
Team Paragon – Robotics

And Also
Hairdresser on Fire always ready to bring some creativity to Windsor is hosting an art show in the courtyard next to their shop. Katherine Pelkey Tolve is the curator for this art show.

Inside Outside Photo ProjectArt Has No Borders will include the photos of 12 local artists. Photos will be taken at REAP Street and will go public in mid-October.